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Put ‘wow’ in my ask box and I’ll reply with

You are my:
[] Acquaintance
[] Friend
[] Stranger
[] Boyfriend/Girlfriend
[] Love Interest
[] Best Friend
[] Enemy
[] Nemesis
[] Other

I think you’re:
[] Ugly
[] Ok
[] Pretty
[] Beautiful
[] Gorgeous
[] Sexy
[] Hot
[] Cute

We should:
[] Fight
[] Fuck
[] Kiss
[] Make love
[] Text
[] Watch films
[] Talk

[] Like You
[] Hate You
[] Love You
[] Think you’re …

I secretly:
[] Hate You
[] Love You
[] Like You
[] Dislike You
[] Think You’re …

Should you reblog this?
[] Yes
[] No


for my Creative Writing class, we had to do a multi-genre project, based on a personal subject of our choice. The theme of my project is mental disorders and my own experiences with them (depression, anxiety, ocd). I had to do 7 different genres for the project, one option was a collage. So, this is my collage. I searched through my tumblr archive for some posts to use. 

This is a representation of my own mind. 

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